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Guidelines for Online Submission and Conditions

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This page will take you through the process of submitting your abstract. 

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  • The Review section will give you an overview of the sections that are still required to be completed before you can submit your abstract.

Once all required sections have been completed, you can submit your abstract here https://meetingpeople.eventsair.com/terroir2020/abstracts

Step 2: Abstract Title and Presentation Type

Enter Abstract title in Title Case (not upper case) – Word limit: 100.
Select your Presentation Type:

  • Oral or Poster (SSO, SO, FO or PC)
  • Poster only (PC only)

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Step 3: Themes and Category
Select one theme (you may preview the program outline and themes here):

  • History and Innovation of Terroir
  • Scales of Terroir
  • Terroir Conservation
  • People Shaping Terroir

Choose the most appropriate category for your abstract within your selected theme from the list below:

History and Innovation of Terroir
An exploration of how terroir has evolved and will influence the future 

History of terroir 
Visualisation of terroir 
Precision and digital viticulture and terroir 
Consumers and industry perceptions of terroir 
Capitalising on terroir

Scales of Terroir
Terroir has impacts at multiple levels; from the molecular to global scale 

Climate – macro-, meso-, micro- 
Geology and landscapes 
Soils – physical, chemical, biological 
Water resources 
Omics of terroir

Terroir Conservation

Safeguard aspects critical to terroir and agile adaptation to challenges 
Protecting terroir – biosecurity, farm-gate practice 
Preserving terroir – genetic diversity, heritage wines 
Authentication, typicity and provenance 
Organics and biodynamics 
Consumer education about terroir

People Shaping Terroir
Influence and enhancement of terroir by people 

Managing terroir in the vineyard 
Alternative varieties 
Enhancing terroir through wines marketing 
Marketing terroir 
Changing a wine regions image using terroir
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Step 4: Authors

Enter all author affiliations initially (using the Add Affiliation button) and then add the authors and select the appropriate affiliation – e.g. Department of Wine and Food Science, University of Adelaide, Glen Osmond, SA Australia

You can add multiple authors using the Add Author button, and can reorder them using the up or down arrows.

Include a brief (word limit: 100) biography for the presenting author.

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Step 5: Abstract Upload

Your abstract must be in the format of:

  • Aims
  • Methods and Results
  • Conclusion
  • Significance and Impact of the Study

* Please note that figures and tables are not to be included.
* Abstract word count is strictly 500 words across all sections (excluding Abstract Title). Abstracts over this count will not be accepted.

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Step 6: Additional Information

Tick appropriate answers to the following:

Are you a current student (Masters/PhD/Undergraduate etc)?

Provide and answer for which of the following categories you fit into:
1. Academic
2. Researcher
3. Industry
4. Student
5. Other

Do you wish to be considered for a Special Scientific Oral (SSO)?
Original research that authors would like both to present as a full oral presentation and to publish in OENO One (https://oeno-one.eu), a peer-reviewed journal. OENO One has accepted to publish a special issue covering selected presentations delivered at ITC 2020. The deadline to submit abstracts to be considered for this is 31st March 2020. Deadline for SO, FO and PO is Midnight 17th May 2020.

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Step 7: Review

This page provides a summary of your online submission. Any sections that still require completion are noted in red.

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